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Ramadan 2008:  Lectures, audio and resources from the Ramadan 2008 programme

Eid al Adha & Ghadeer 2007:  Photos from the children's party & prize giving for the Arabic School

Ramadan  2007: read articles, resources and listen to audio of programmes for Ramadan 2007

Muharram 2007: Listen to the entire Muharram programme for 2007, including the sheikh's lectures in arabic, Latmiyyat, youth lectures in English and Ziarat. 

Hajj 2006-7: view resources on the greater Islamic Pilgrimage, photographs and audio/ video footage.

Eid ul Fitr 2006: the children's party held at the end of Ramadan.  Click the link below for pictures and a brief video clip.

15th of Sha'ban 2006: the anniversary of the birth of Imam al Mehdi (atf). Click the link for the distributed article, and audio of the two youth lectures delivered for this occasion.

RSC youth Sports Day 2006: two teams, garden netting, old clothes, party hats and a lot of enthusiasm!  Click the link below for pictures.

Muharram 2006: read some of the youth articles and lecture transcripts from Muharram last year.

Ramadan 2005: read some of the lecture transcripts for youth lectures delivered last Ramadan.


 M U H A R R A M  2 0 0 7

AD 685: "This year there was in Britain a bloody rain,

and milk and butter were turned to blood"

-- The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle  

See also Muharram 2006 for previous youth lectures (PDF).

Sheikh Abu Muhammad al Ateia

1st Night of Muharram

2nd Night of Muharram

4th Night of Muharram - on Salat (prayer)

5th Night of Muharram

6th Night of Muharram - on Repentance (tawbah)

7th Night of Muharram - on Abul Fadl al Abbas (as)

8th Night of Muharram - on Qasim ibn al Hasan (as)

9th Night of Muharram - on Ali al Akbar (as)

10th Night, Laylat Ashura - on Allah's Chosen Ones

Al Maqtal al Husseini, Yawm Ashura


Youth Lectures

4th Night of Muharram (Eng)

5th Night of Muharram (Eng)

6th Night of Muharram (Eng)

7th Night of Muharram (Eng) - The Islam of Imam Hussein (as) - how the Imam reestablished the pillars of Islam with his actions before and during the tragedy of Kerbala


Ziarat,  'Amal & Misc.

Ziarah 1st Night of Muharram

Ziarah 2nd Night of Muharram

Ziarah 4th Night of Muharram

Ziarah 7th Night of Muharram

Ziarah 8th Nigth of Muharram

Ziarah 9th Night of Muharram

Salat, Ziarat & Amal, Yawm Ashura

Arabic Lecture - by a community member

Arba'een Programme - Entire programme


Qasaed & Latmiyat ::  Muhammad Ali

  حزنك يا مضلوم اتجدد - On the 1st Night
  يا حسين وياك اتعاهدنا - On the 4th Night
  ببيعة مسلم - و غيرها - On the 5th Night
  يا اميري يا حسين - و غيرها  -  On the 6th Night
  شلي بعمري يا عباس  -  al Abbas (as), 7th Night
  اه عليك يا ابني الغالي   - al Qasim (as), 8th Night
  لا تقول ابنك رحل  -  Ali Al Akbar (as), 9th Night
  الأكبر في الميدان  -  Ali Al Akbar (as), 9th Night
  و المهد خالي - و غيرها  - Abdullah (as), 10th Night




Qasaed & Latmiyat ::  Hasan al Jami'

  شهر الحزن شهر الدم - On the 1st Night
  ضربوك يا ابو الحماه - On the 5th Night
  اه يا حسين و مصابه  -  On the 6th Night
  و العالم اضلم يا كربلاء  - Abdullah (as), 10th Night
  كربلاء لا زلتي كربا و بلاء - و غيرها  -  Ashura Day




Qasaed & Latmiyat ::  Sayyed Jafar

  يا أمه الزهراء داسو صدره - On the 4th Night
  يا علي قم اعتني  -  al Abbas (as), 7th Night
  يا عباس و يا بن حيدر  -  al Abbas (as), 7th Night
  قصيده  - al Qasim (as), 8th Night (Abu Ahmed)
  مضلوم علي الأكبر - و غيرها  -  Ali Al Akbar (as)